Dr. Ahmad

Dr. W. Ahmad


Postgraduate in Cosmetic Medicine UK

I’m a medical doctor practicing aesthetics and general medicine since 1994, with a dedicated focus on aesthetics since 2008. My medical journey began in hospital medicine until 2006 when I transitioned into general practice. Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience in medical emergencies, routine medicine, and aesthetics.

While I’ve been practicing in the UK since 2003, my exposure extends beyond its borders, encompassing valuable experience in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. My primary focus lies in tailoring individualized treatments that enhance natural features while rejuvenating facial contours. I offer cutting-edge techniques to ensure patients experience a comfortable recovery with speedy results. With 29 years of experience in medicine and 15 years of expertise in aesthetics, I’ve consistently achieved exceptional results for my patients.

In addition to mainstream aesthetic treatments, I specialize in advanced regenerative therapies using synthetic Growth Factors and Platelet Rich Plasma. I’m among the few UK practitioners offering Endoret Gel, a bioactive skin volumizer. I’m also the pioneer of non-surgical J-Gold Read More


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