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HIFU Vaginal tightening (Femiwand)

Discussing FemiWand Vaginal Fixing treatment can be somewhat humiliating or awkward for the vast majority of the ladies and they experience it peacefully. We at London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic Stylish Center value this trouble and are glad to offer the most exceptional type of non-careful treatment for vaginal laxity. In the event that this condition isn’t dealt with it might influence your self-assurance, and your sexual existence with your accomplice, cause you torment and uneasiness, and may likewise cause upsetting side effects of pee spilling when you hack, snicker, sniffle or exercise. Our focus on LMAA (London Medical and Aesthetics) is to cause you to feel loose and agreeable and help you with the goal that you don’t have to experience any longer.

There are three different technologies used for FemiWand Vaginal Tightening treatment:

  • Ultrasound waves
  • Radiofrequency waves
  • Lasers
  • Femiwand utilizes HIFU innovation. HIFU represents Focused energy Centered Ultrasound and it has been effectively utilized for restorative treatment remembering skin laxity for face and different pieces of body. It includes discharging numerous ultrasound radiates into the skin. The profundity of the bars into the skin still up in the air by the innovation and the cartridges utilized. Two unique cartridges 3.0mm and 4.5mm are utilized for fixing the skin and muscle inside the vaginal wall. The profundity 3.0mm focuses on the epidermis and dermis and the 4.5mm focuses on the shallow Solid Aponeurotic Framework (SMAS) layer. HIFU is a progressive and painless treatment as it targets and fixes SMAS layer. When the pillars arrive at important profundities of the skin, they will unite, framing little and undetectable miniature openings inside the skin. Because of these miniature openings, body’s maintenance cycle gets set off. Therefore exceptional cells become dynamic which thusly advance blend of new collagen and flexible. This new collagen and flexible strands reestablishes the typical and sound condition of vagina.

The end results of the treatment include:

Conditioned muscles of vagina
Shrinkage of the vaginal tissue
Further developed grease
Alleviation from stress incontinence
Upgraded sex drive
Worked on sexual experience


Q: What are the explanations behind diminished vaginal versatility?
Explanations behind diminished vaginal flexibility include:

Cigarette Smoking
Medical procedure
Conceiving an offspring
Because of these reasons the regular collagen gets supplanted by filaments that don’t extend as expected and make the vagina become free. Collagen is the most regularly found protein inside the body and it comprises 33% of the body’s proteins. It is available in skin, bones, and ligaments.

Q-Who is the FemiWand Vaginal Fixing treatment for?
The treatment is reasonable for healthy ladies beyond 30 years old with any of the accompanying side effects:

Stress Incontinence
Dryness and tingling in the vagina
Laxity in vagina
Low responsiveness during intercourse
Torment during the intercourse
Ladies who are breastfeeding or pregnant are not encouraged to go through the treatment. We encourage them to hang tight for something like three months after typical labor prior to having the Femiwand treatment. bones, and ligaments.

Q-Does The Treatment Require Anaesthetics?
No, no Anaesthetics are required as this treatment use ultrasound energy that is agreeable for the patient.

Q-What amount of time Does The Treatment Require?
The Femiwand method requires roughly 20 minutes yet the clients can anticipate 30 minutes in the facility for the whole system.

Q-What Is The Generally Downtime?
There is actually no free time for Femiwand. Clients can continue back to their day-to-day schedule right away and following 72 hours can continue sexual activity. It is suggested that you stand by 24 hours prior to continuing exercise. re procedure.

Q: How Long Do The Outcomes Endure?
After the treatment, the clients can hope to get results inside 6 two months. Results can endure from year and a half to 2 years. The strategy can be rehashed every year to keep up with the outcomes.

Q: What Are The Side effects?
The client can feel slight enlarging, bothering, or spotting yet these are transient and die down over several days.

Q: The amount Does Femiwand Cost?
To make the system more reasonable, LMAA (London Medical and Aesthetics) Tasteful Center offers 0% Money to every one of our clients. Our office likewise acknowledges money and significant Visas. With Femiwand you might have the option to stay away from the gamble and cost of vaginal fixing a medical procedure.

Q: Why choose LMAA (London Medical and Aesthetics) for your FemiWand Vaginal Fixing Treatment?
LMAA (London Medical and Aesthetics) experts and specialists are completely protected and prepared to the best quality and hold the pertinent capabilities and have insight over years to assist clients agreeable to them and make them with feeling blissful and certain. FemiWand Vaginal Fixing treatment involves the most recent HIFU innovation for vaginal revival.


  • Immediate and long-term results
  • Rejuvenation of vaginal tissue
  • Improvement in symptoms of dryness
  • Tightening and toning of vaginal muscles
  • Fast, virtually painless treatments without any downtime
  • Improvement in symptoms of stress urinary incontinence